What is Going on with Huawei ?

There is little doubt that all of you must have heard about the trade war with China. This involves many things – Trump’s need to make America great again; China’s abuse of intellectual property rights ( alleged ) ; Politics; Jealousy – etc…

Huawei have risen to be one of the foremost manufacturers of communications and networking equipment in the world and have grown their influence internationally from humble roots in rural China. This meteoric rise can be put down to several factors :

  • Chinese Industry and Innovation
  • Cheap labour in China
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Government Funding
  • Misappropriation of intellectual property – alleged

So, the story goes like this. Huawei become massive. Then voices in the West start muttering about security. The two questions being :

Is Huawei a GO ( i.e. a Government Organisation? )

Can we trust a potentially hostile company with full control of our internal communications systems?

The trouble with all of this is that it is an unhealthy way of thinking ( even if it is pragmatic – mistrust of foreigners is not conducive to international peace, but then again, history has taught us that in most situations a certain level of cynicism is a good idea, so what to do ?

Well, in typical gung-ho American/ Trump bullishness the USA kind of bans Huawei in what I think must be pretty unprecedented.

What do we infer from that ?

It could well be that those in the know – security forces, MI5, MI6 ( whoever they are ) , the FBI and CIA ( whatever they do ) have concrete proof that Huawei have incorporated code or components into their products which could allow a hostile foreign government ( i.e. China ) one day take control or snoop on the whole of western civilization ( hey has anyone seen Kingsman the movie ). Then again it could just be a bargaining chip, a poker bluff aimed at bringing the opponent under control.

So many companies have been banned from cooperation with Huawei – even Google/ Alphabet claiming that it will cease to support upgrades ( we can’t see any logic in that ) for Huawei phones. We are of the opinion that all this posturing will come to an amicable end and that all will be happy again soon. Once the powers have puffed out their chests and done their beating there will be some sort of imperceptible climb down from one side ( with both sides of course publicly claiming victory ) and natural imbalance will be restored.

Here at Telephones Online we love all equally, we love iPhones and Android Phones, we love innovation and we love the way in which the competitive market brings forth new and exciting models with what seems like increasing regularity – we hope that we are right and we hope that USA is wrong and there is not an evil empire planning on world domination by infiltrating our mobile phones.