Gigaset have become a leading european manufacturer of digital cordless phones having taken over from the Siemens Gigaset division – a legacy which has been passed down since the very beginnings of DECT telephony as it was Siemens who manufactured the original BT Diverse telephones – the forerunners of cordless telephony.

What Gigaset has done is to create a range of digital phones which cover all areas a phone should – they look good, they feel good, they have great functionality and they are reliable.

The first thing that strikes one when inspecting one of the Gigaset range are the first two feature mentionted above – ie the look and feel of them. The finishing and build of the handsets makes one respect the “Made in Germany” stamp on the boxes – however you feel about that – of course most models have an inbuilt Eco Saving Mode which reduces both power consumption and radiation – saving money and the environment.

The phones can be broken down into several different ranges which we will attempt to summarise here :

Basic range – the A Range

A Range Gigaset TelephoneAs one would imagine from the title of the range these are compact, simple and easy to use – for some people complex functionality is actually a reason to avoid a piece of technology and Gigaset understand that – some of the models in this family include the Gigaset A300 and the A400A

Ease of Use

These include some of the basic phones as above but with a focus on accessibility as well, with user friendly keys and large, ulluminated, clear displays, many of these models also include handsfree speakerphones on the handsets themselves which can help one if you find gripping a cordless handset for long periods tiring.

Design Phones

Gigaset SL910AGigaset’s designer range feature perhaps the most beautiful digital home telephones, some with real metal finishes which are good to behold, great to feel and hygienic to use. These mat well be the coolest phones cyrrently available.

High Performance

These are the power models of the Gigaset range with a number of advanced features such as HD sound, call management functions, Bluetooth™ connectivity, touchscreens, full colour displays, huge screens and even some with touch. We would suggest looking at the Gigaset SL910A which has a touchscreen, an answerphone and Bluetooth connection.


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