We were chatting the other day about our smartphones, me saying that they cost the same as a small car these days and that it was a crazy outlay for such a small thing, and a friend pointed out that, yes, a few hundred quid was a lot of money, but considering the impact a good smartphone (be it a Windows OS, iPhone or an Android) has on your day to day life and the amount of time you spend in its company it was something worth spending money on. I could not but agree when I came to think properly about the myriad uses that my phone get’s put though a day I could see his point. For example in the last week my phone has :

  1.       »  guessed where I was looking for on a map and directed me to a friend’s house
  2.       »  took some excellent pictures and geotagged them
  3.       »  shared a psd online via Drive™ from a park
  4.       »  navigated
  5.       »  kept in touch via social media
  6.       »  read me the news
  7.       »  watched films
  8.       »  edited websites
  9.       »  played games
  10.       »  listened to music
  11.       »  managed itineraries
  12.       »  kept an eye on tide heights and times
  13.       »  followed the cricket ( and the football )
  14.       »  seen how many steps I have taken each day

This was all accomplished with a Samsung Galaxy S4 – not even the latest model but still aa fantastic phone. Of course there are other models and types of phone and many other amazing things people do with them without being amazed themselves like Rob who tracks his paragliding experiences and Kim who sets her heating and Bids who books holidays and darren who plays golf and Angus who writes books and Jamie who sketches people on the underground – the list is as endless as your imagination so why do people baulk at the price.

Well it seems that we label these things incorrectly really and that is the issue, They are called a Smartphone or a Mobile, an iPhone, Andoid Phone or Windows Phone; but that name does the thing no justice at all. It should not be classified as such – PDA would be better but this micro personal computer, this handy device, this Super Portable Everything Gizmo ( SPEG from now on ) should not be called a mobile telephone.


So – when thinking of spending a little on a new device which will enhance your life and make you happy every day then consider the fact that these are life savers and personal assistants and creative and reference manuals and media centres and very good telephones as well are an ever present friend.

if you want a nice SIM Free SPEG – look here : https://www.telephonesonline.co.uk/sim-free-mobile-phones.html