sagem-digiAnyone looking for something quite different in the world of home cordless phones should look at the Sagemcom D77V Designer Phone. Sagemcom are a french company known for their innovative approach to design in many areas – creating one of the most interesting home phones a few years ago – the Sagemcom Sixty.

Here we look at the Sagemcom D77V Designer Telephone which, at first can be described as a simple digital cordless phone with an answer machine; and that is where the review would end, if the phones were not so just beautiful.

D77V-SAGEMCOMTo most intents and purposes this phone just does what most phones do, it does not have anything remarkable under the hood. That is not to say that it has anything negative about it. Indeed this phone is built to high specifications with full functionality and great sound.

Well there are many reasons to swing a decision in choosing an item you want to buy but in some cases it just needs to come down to looks, especially when you are buying something for in the house. In this area the Sagemcom D77V will not let you down – it truly is a good looking phone.

Sagemcom D77V Video

View the Sagemcom D77V here.