BT ( British Telecom ) have brought out yet another fantastic home phone – the BT 8500. This phone has brought new and improved call blocking features to the fore, claiming to be able to block all unwanted calls utilising previous technology as per the BT 6500 range this is further enhanced with the addition of Call Guardian and True Call.

Call Guardian has a fascinating feature which can be set, not only to block certain numbers, but to also force withheld numbers to physically identify themselves giving you the chance to decide whether to take the call, reject it or send to answer phone – freedom of choice.

The BT 8500 triple

In addition to this ground-breaking facility there is also the ability to mass block entire swathes by calling code, mobile, country or payphones – if you are receiving troublesome calls you now have the power to put a stop to them. There is also the nice feature ( which used to be on older Nokia phones ) which allows you to create caller groups and then use a Do Not Disturb mode and choose which groups will be able to call you.

What this all adds up to is an extremely powerful way to control your incoming calls ( you will, of course have to subscribe to your telephone provider’s caller display service.

In addition to the BT 8500’s nuisance call handling features it does a lot as a phone. Indeed it boasts the following superb features :

  • Answer Machine with 60 Minutes recording Time
  • Large TFT Colour Screen
  • Easy to Use Large Buttons
  • Two Hundred Name and Number Directory – shared
  • Hands Free Speakerphone

This useful and desirable home phone can look good in any environment and power your home telephony giving you protection from unwanted nuisance calls whilst providing great sound quality with a feature rich user experience. We have these items on special offer as the BT 8500 Single, Twin and Triple Sets. You can view the Single Handset Option here :
BT 8500 Digital Cordless Answer Phone with Advanced Call Blocker