Phone Guide to help Disabled Users


clear displayTelephones can be fiddly and tricky to operate for anyone, but if you are someone with an impairment then these essential communications devices can be a struggle.
However, the major manufacturers, and in particular, BT, have thought about this and come up with features to try to make telephone operation use more accessible to all.
Here are a few of the features that are well worth looking at should you have such an impairment - be it Hearing, Speech & language, Dexterity, Sight, Mobility or simply Understanding & Using technology.


hearingThis is present in some cordless phones and prevents acoustic feedback for those wearing hearing aids.


hearingFor people with either a visual impairment or with dexterity issues large clear and easy to use buttons are a great relief.


hearingA clear, well defined display will make legibility far easier in poor lit conditions or for those with poor eyesight or other visual impairments. Many report that a


hearingMany corded or cordless phones come with a built in speaker phone which removes the necessity to hold the handset at all times as this can be tiring for some people or impossible for some with dexterity issues..

If you are interested in buying a phone for yourself or for someone else with an impairment/ disability then you can browse suitable phones here : inclusion phones

BT's Own Guide to Using a Telephone with a Disability

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