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home wifi networkingWe have answered so many questions about home networking and home wi-fi coverage over the years, so we have put this together with a view to making your search for information that little bit easier, if you can't find the answer below then get in touch with our Customer Services team on 0800 652 4949.
You may be having issues with connectivity or simply want to improve our home wi-fi or wired Internet so that you can eliminate dead spots ( places where wi-fi is poor or nonexistent ) or so that you can stream Netflix/ games or Internet via a remote Ethernet somewhere where it was previously unavailable.
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Q: My BT Extender has lost connection, how do I reconnect it?

OK there are a few things you can try:
First you can simply try just turning the extender off wait a few seconds and then turn it back on again. Wait a few minutes and the data light should come back on! If this doesn't resolve the problem then please follow these steps:
  • Make sure your broadband extender is plugged directly into a wall socket which is switched on
  • Press the Link button on the extender for 5 to 8 seconds. Wait for the Power light to show steady green
  • Press the Link button again, this time for 1 second.
  • Within 2 minutes, press the Link button on one of the broadband extenders already in your home for 1 second to complete the connection to the network
  • Wait for connection to complete. If everything’s okay, the Power and Data indicators on the extender will light up.

Q: Can I use Broadband Extenders or Home Hotspots on different electrical rings in the same house?

This will normally work OK. However, please note that electricity meters will act as a barrier to the extenders signal.

Q: How do I expand the range of my WiFi signal in my house?

WiFi signals effected by certain factors within the house, such as the construction materials inside a building, or even just the distance from the hub are likely reasons that a wifi signal is not penetrating as far as it should be.
A BT Wi-Fi Extender can solve this problem. Plug it into a power socket within your existing wi-fi range and it will generate a boosted signal to cover that dead spot. Even better look for a WiFi Extender that is dual-band, giving you improved speed and reliability.

Q: The Extender is connected but I still can't get access to the Internet?

First make sure that everything is connected and plugged in and that your hub or router is switched on and has broadband connection and that Wi-Fi is working. Then check the range lights on your extender.
Try moving the extender closer to your hub or router, if you have any red lights then try restarting your device.

Q: My extenders just don't seem to be working correctly - how do I reset them?

If your extenders stop working or become unpaired, you can reset them by following these steps: Make sure the extenders are plugged in and the power socket is switched on.
On each extender press and hold the Link button for more than 15 seconds and release. Wait a couple of minutes and the Power indicator on both will light up.

Q: Can I change the extender’s settings?

Your extender's settings can be changed using your regular web browser.

  • Use the wireless connection software or settings on your device to display the list of available wireless networks in your area.
  • Find your extender in the list and select it.
  • It's called either: "BTWifiExt750-XXX" or "BTWifiExt1200-XXX" if you've not connected it to your BT Home Hub or router.
  • The wireless key is printed on the back of your user guide and the rear of the extender.
  • "EXT2-your Hub/router name" or "EXT5–your Hub/router name" if you have connected the extender to your hub/router.
  • The wireless key is the same as your Hub or router.
  • Enter your extender's wireless key and complete the connection on your device.
  • Enter www.mybtdevice.home in your Internet browser address field.
  • Enter your Admin password then click 'Login' (Admin password is printed on the back of your user guide and the rear of the extender)

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