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Over the years we have stocked a wide variety of Telephone Models from BT Cordless Phones, through Binatone, Panasonic, Samsung, Doro, Philips, Magicbox and even Novelty Phones.

We have put this are together in order to keep a record of all the lovely phones we have sold and miss - some of them were superb, some, of course were not as good as those today as DECT technology was emerging.

We also stock many spare parts for cordless phones, cordless telephone batteries and spare handsets and base stations for both current and ex portfolio models.

BT Synergy Cordless Phones

BT SYNERGYThe early BT Synergy Ranges were produced by VTech and comprised the BT Synergy 900 and BT Synergy 1400 which were the basic digital and then the answermachine versions. Later these were superceded by the BT Synergy 1000 and 1500, both of which had almost the same design but with clearer brighter backlit screens. The handsets were an odd shape to today's standards.
The Synergy 900 and 100 ranges were expandable systems, perfect for home phones and could be registered with GAP handsets such as the BT Synergy additional handset. We sold many of these phones in the early days and they proved to be highly popular models.

The next incarnation in the series were the BT Synergy 2000 ranges which, like its predecessors can be seen as an entry level DECT phone. These also came in basic and with answermachine versions, namely the Synergy 2110 and Synergy 2150 models. They were also available in a space age silver colour.
These phones were not the best DECT phones BT ever brought out and were quickly superceded by better models.

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BT Diverse Cordless Phones

BT DiverseBT Diverse were the first real DECT phones available in the UK. They were manufactured by Siemens for the entire European market and 'badged' as Gigaset™ in other countries.
The first models were the BT Diverse 1000 series ( which included the BT Diverse 1015 with answermachine ) which were a thoroughly well operating DECT phone though lacking in any of the features that one has come to expect these days from a home or office telephone. Indeed the first phones preceded the GAP ( Generic Access Protocol ) which allowed the registration of multiple handsets to a base station.

The BT Diverse range continued with the superior BT Diverse 2000 range which has as its flagship models the Diverse 2011 and 2011 executive phones; these broke the mould in having backlit screens and alphanumeric directories integrated.50 models. They came with the Diverse 2015 and 2016 Answermachine models.
Subsequently BT came out with the 3000 and 400 ranges of Diverse Telephones and the legacy continues on to this day with the BT Diverse 7000 phones. They are one of the most reliable and durable handsets on the market.

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Samsung Cordless Phones

SamsungSamsung, almost market leaders now with their ranges of mobile phones made great forays into the DECT market with their interesting and mould breaking cordless phones. The Koreans gave us digital cordless phones which looked morel ike mobile phones, indeed they even looked better than many of the mobiles available at the time. Their first models were the Samsung 5210 range - pictured above. These were followed by the samsung 5250 Telephones which gave a leap in quality and reliablilty.
The phone for which Samsung will always be remembered though, will always be the samsung 6000 range of cordless phones, which came in a beatiful metalic finish - either silver or gold and came with the look, feel and features of a high end mobile in its day. The Samsung 6100 models were joined by the Samsung 6150 which was the answermachine option which also included a full keypad and spearkerphone on its base station.

Sadly, some may say , Samsung dropped out of the home cordless phone market after having achieved such dizzying heights with the 6000 range. We can only assume that they decided to concentrate on their other manufacturing enterprises where they have excelled in both LCD Television production and Mobile Phone, they have even surpassed Nokia in mobile sales. Perhaps one day Samsung will decide to 'come home' and make a show stoppping home phone once again. Certainly Telephones Online wlil stock them as soon as they are available.

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Philips Cordless Phones

PhilipsThe first Philips DECT models we sold were the Philips Onis 6311 cordless phones which had a curiously flattened earpiece and a small LCD screen - very much an entry level DECT phone at the time. These were followed by the far more featured Onis 6331 and Philips Onis 6631 models which were far more full featured and better designed..
Alongside the development of the Onis Range was the Kala which came, initially as the 6120 and the 6523, later being replaced by the far more modern and designed Kala 6131 and 6533 models. To this day we don't know how Philips assigned numbers to their models.

Every now and then a company decides to create a real showstopper, Philips did with its Zenia Range of Telephones. These handsets incorporated a far higher level of features than we had ever seen previously in a cordless phone. They had a distinctive amber LCD screen, huge address books and speakerphones on both base station and handsets. Indeed the Zenia 6626 had a full keypad built into its base station - with the result that with a Twin Handset Telephone you had, in effect, three points from which to make calls. Our favourite feature in the Philips Zenia was the facility to 'record your own ringtone' - you could even assign it to individual callers if you subscribed to BT's caller display service.

PhilipsPhilips continue, to this day, to lead the market in home and office cordless phones with a range of designer phones with a very strong commitment to being eco friendly and minimising power consumption.

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BT Freestyle Cordless Phones

BT FreestyleThe early BT Freestyle Telephones we sold first online were analog cordless phones, meaning that the connection between the base and handsets was only broadcast over 8 channels of around 31 MHz. They did not have the call quality of modern DECT phones and were far more prone to interference. But at the time they were highly desirable and came with a range of features such as intercom and call waiting.

The BT Freestyle Telephones continued with more rounded designs, always having its distingiushing feature as large buttoned and sturdy. The BT Freestyle 1025 -shown here was a twin handset analog cordless phone with answermachine as well as smarter more modern design and a better battery life .
An advantage of the analog cordless phones over their DECT brothers is that they are less prone to causing interference with hearing aids than digital telephones and, hence are suitable for the hearing impared market.

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